Original Soundtrack

2022 - Lifeformed × Janice Kwan

An album about mystery, adventure, and the depths they take us to. Co-composed with Janice Kwan, and created over a period of seven years, the soundtrack for the game TUNIC is now available.



2016 - Lifeformed × Janice Kwan

An exploration of time and space with Janice Kwan. This was an experiment in merging Janice's vocals with an atmospheric production from Lifeformed.


Double Fine Adventure Soundtrack

2014 - Lifeformed

The original soundtrack for Double Fine Adventure, a documentary about the game, Broken Age. This music is about the process of creation - inspirations, struggles, achievements, and all the emotions in between.


Dustforce Soundtrack

2012 - Lifeformed

The original soundtrack for the game Dustforce. This album, like the game, is a exploration of color and movement. It’s the balance of energy and relaxation needed to persevere through the challenges of Dustforce.